Saturday, January 13, 2007

Survey Says...

I use Stat Counter to keep track of my massive amounts of traffic. I'm up to almost 9000 hits, total! Wow, you can't buy traffic like that.

Anyway, I occasionally look at the search terms people have used to find my blog. Stat Counter keeps info for the last 100 people who visited (I'm using the free version). For a while, I was actually #2 in Google for "mojito recipie" (note the misspelling of recipe), but I seem to have slipped to #5.

Some other interesting terms that lead people to my blog are: "aol yay worm", "makes a mean steak", "chapel of the chimes", "crappy car", and "on one midge bar shifters" (no idea what that last one means). Oh, 4 people came to my blog with "x-biking en puerto rico" - I guess I've got a bi-lingual audience.

My favorite search term, however, was "simone fart videos" - which apparently came from someone in Quebec Canada. I'll have to get on that, I don't think I have any videos of her farting.

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