Sunday, March 26, 2006

Houston, we have power

Wow, way back in September we blew what I thought was a fuse while using the concrete saw to cut pavers. The circuit included the two outside outlets, and both of the bathroom outlets. None of the outlets had the little 'reset' switch, and none of the breakers in the electrical panel had been tripped.

I searched high and low, but found no outlet with one of those little reset buttons. I tried replacing each and every one of the breakers in the panel in case I'd actually fried one of them w/out causing it to trip. No luck.

Months pass. We didn't have our outdoor Christmas lights on this year (no power), and couldn't use the pretty outdoor lights Mary had hung up on our back porch. Mary couldn't use her hair dryer, and I couldn't recharge my electric toothbrush. Not a life changing issue, but a definite annoyance that we reminded ourselves of almost daily.

Well, today we were cleaning out the garage. Mary noticed an electrical outlet in the garage that I'd obviously missed. She pressed "reset" and we were back in business.

I swear I never saw it. It must have been covered by our skis leaning on the wall, or tools, or something. I'm sure she would have found it in 2 minutes if she'd looked after I did way back in September.

The stupidest thing is, the outlet can't be more than 3 feet from the electric panel.

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