Thursday, March 16, 2006

What's up with Iraq?

So many things about the current administration piss me off. But the war in Iraq has just gotten to the point of stupidity.

Bush and Rumsfeld are both saying that they're not near a civil war - but the US ambassador to Iraq and many other people directly involved with Iraq say it's either started or very close. The death rate to our troops has only risen since we started the war. And we just launched the largest air strike in the war!!!

When we took over the friggin country we didn't need as much air-power as we do right now.

That's not even talking about all the money that's gone missing that was targeted to help fix things in Iraq. The death squads and mass graves are just disgusting. People are still without power and clean water.

Let's just hope Bush doesn't decide to invade Iran as well.

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