Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beaver Freezer 2008

So... how'd I do?

I placed 86th out of 270 people, 63rd out of 128 men, and 8th out of 21 men ages 35-39.
I'm pretty stoked with the results, especially considering how little I trained. Looking at the overall results, the field seems a little weaker than in the past. I finished faster than in 2007, but slower than in 2005, yet placed much higher than both years.

But, when just compared to myself, I'm happy with the results. The run was my fastest yet, and my T2 time rocked. Here's the breakdown:

Trey's 2008 Beaver Freezer
Stage Time Pace Place in StageCumulative TimeCumulative Place
Swim 8:26 1:41.2 93 8:26 93
T1 2:39
96-T 11:05 89
Bike 38:5918.5 69 50.04 71
T2 1:31
98 51:35 68-T
Run 25:318:13.9 123 1:17:06 86

The race started off fairly smoothly, my swim felt smooth, and not at all rushed. I passed a guy, who then passed me back and but didn't swim very fast - so I just relaxed and swam a little slower. I felt great getting out of the pool - after having to wait a few seconds for the guy to get out.

The first transition felt very rushed - it was very difficult getting the socks on my wet feet (gotta remember to get loose socks and to dry feet off), and I had trouble putting my race belt on. But off I went.

The bike ride felt great - I could totally tell I'd lost some weight because I could comfortably use the drops. My legs felt a little tired, but I passed a number of people, and played leap frog with #80 about 5 times (she beat me in the end).

The 2nd transition was great, I knew exactly where to go, and changing into my shoes was easy.

The run was similar to last year's: the first lap felt horrible, the second lap was bearable, and I had to keep reminding myself to push it on the 3rd lap. The last 100 yards felt good and I crossed the finish line pretty spent.

Sam and Ingrid came down to cheer me on, which was nice. Sam has some pics here. Mary's mom (Gin) came over from Albany and gave support too. And, of course, Mary and Simone were there giving it their all - soon Simone will be running along with me.

Things to remember to do next time: get there early - Simone and I took the Burley around 2 hours before my start and got an excellent spot on the rack. Dry feet off well after the swim. And run like hell.

Looking back at my goal from 2007 which is to finish in 1:12, I'm thinking I might push for 1:10 because it's a nice round number. Of course, to do that I'll have to run 7 minute miles (gasp), and kick up the swim (sub 8 minutes) and riding (20.5 mph) a notch. The run is the key.

Results of Beaver Freezer 2008, April 5, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, nice work! That'd guaranteed kick my sorry butt.