Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Lebovitz Hits Another Home Run

I don't recall who turned me on to David Lebovitz's blog, but I must certainly thank them.

Last week I tried yet another recipe of his: My Killer App Candied Peanut Recipe and I must say, it rocks. I chose to candy almonds (not peanuts), and they turned out beautifully roasted, and coated with just the right amount of caramelized sugar. I added a hint of cinnamon and salt, and will probably bump the salt up next time (I love salty sweet, which is why I dig Kettle Corn). The recipe was, just like the others I've tried, just as easy as he explained, and had results that looked just like his. Wow.

I had to give away about half of it at work because I slowly snacked on the nuts at home.

Lebovitz's recipes for hot chocolate, butterscotch pudding, and the easiest chocolate ice cream ever all worked out beautifully. The one recipe I've tried that didn't turn out amazing, Clotilde's Very Chocolate Cookies, produced decent results, just not what I wanted.

I do look forward to trying the Chocolate Idiot Cake, Chocolate-Cherry Fruitcake, Dulce De Leche recipes (and probably some others too...).

He's not making my diet easy, that's for sure.

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