Sunday, June 01, 2008

Run For The Hills 2008

Last year Tom and I ran this race. We were both going to do it again this year, but he decided getting a job was more important. Priorities.

This year the weather was a little nicer (overcast, cool, but no rain), and I finished over 2 minutes faster (average heart rate of 173, gasp). The run felt pretty good considering the 8k was the furthest I've ever run.

The oddest thing about the run was how everyone said the view from the top of Bald hill was so beautiful. A view? After walkingsprinting up the backside, there was no time to take in a view because the race was all downhill after that.

Interestingly, I placed 50th both this year and last (there were more folks this year, I'm not sure how many, but well over 100).

I'll shoot for 49th place next year.

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