Sunday, June 01, 2008

Simone Pics May 2008 (and others)

Finally downloaded some pics from my phone, thought I'd share them.

Simone swinging in the swing with a bag of corn chips. This was after a 3.5 hour nap while driving home from visiting the Mattson's in Yakima.

One of our many walks to see the horses, here she is trying to feed the horse from afar.
She ended up getting close enough to actually hand the food over. Luckily the grass is really long this time of year - letting us feed the horses without too much worry of hand-in-horse's-mouth syndrome.
Instead of riding a horse, Simone likes to ride an elephant. We found one just her size in Newport, where we headed for some RnR. You'd see cute pictures of Simone on the beach, only it was freezing and windy as all get out (we weren't expecting that). We went to the aquarium instead.
Simone loves her mermaid - who we've been trying to name "Frida."
Simone's first breakfast as a 2 year old. That's raspberry jam, not makeup.
The grandfathers and Simone (and my finger?). Sorry about the photo Bob, not real flattering, but the other one was so blurry it made you look like a ghost.
Simone and I took a walk to see Matty's new bunnies. Here are the pictures. This white one was the runt of the litter.
They're keeping the black one (little Davie has already named the rabbit .... Hassenpfeffer? - I kid).
This little guy hung out in my hand the entire time we were there, 20 minutes or so. Matty tried to pawn him off on me, but I told her that by the time I got done with the rabbit hutch, the rabbit would have driven the chickens nuts.
Ah, yes, Simone and I went to the waterfront to play in the fountain. I was a bit disappointed that the regular pattern of water spouts wasn't happening. There just wasn't enough spouting for my taste. Simone seemed to enjoy herself. She ran around for an hour.

More fountain!
Simone helped Mary wash the window screens, and herself.
Very sleepy girls.
I'm not sure, but I believe she challenged me to a Sumo match.
We had a very nice walk on the nearby boardwalk.
Simone and her two favorite companions right now. Frida and ... dolly. Still looking for a name for the doll. They're both growing dolls - as Simone feeds them lots of cookies and cupcakes.
Gotta dry off after playing in the sprinkler.
Quick! I see a bug! Follow me!

They were beautiful, those chickens in the mist...
Getting to know our chickens.
Testing out the new bench (er, old bench, new location).
A family photo - pretty sneaky of me to get myself. It was actually planned.

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