Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jam Packed Day

Toward the end of August, Albany puts together an Art and Air festival, where they have an air show, hot air balloons, art sale, food booths, music, etc.  We'd gone once a long time ago, I've got a photo somewhere of Simone asleep on my arm that was taken there.

The festival had moderately interesting art - about what you'd expect at a Saturday market, but we had a fun time poking around looking at things.  Gin joined us, and it's nice to hang with her.

They had a kids area for crafts, so Simone made a necklace and a paper-bag hat.  We missed out on painting a square on the big plywood boards by one person (they'd just filled the last one) - next time we'll show up a little earlier.

Simone modeling the necklace.  Note the heart necklace underneath - all the gals in the booths thought she'd gotten it at the fair, but it came from home.

The paper bag hat, a thing of beauty.

Then after the festival we came home, made a fire, roasted marshmallows to make s'mores, and slept outside.  So much fun!

Our roaring fire, the coals were perfect for s'mores.

A  benefit of sleeping outside was that Jupiter slept next to me all night long.  In the morning Simone came into the bed and snuggled up (Mary had gone inside in the middle of the night because she wasn't sleeping at all).

While lying in bed we heard our chickens wake up.  One sounded a little unusual.  She was making a "kakruu - kakruu!" sounds.  Uh-oh.

Yup, one of our girls had decided to let us know she was a he.  It was official two days later when I saw him mount one of the hens, and a couple days after that he found his voice and cockle-doodle-do'ed all day.

We now have 6 chickens, and Maddie made a nice pot of chicken soup.

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