Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I went for a bike ride this morning. We're at the coast and the clouds and drizzle have set in, but I still wanted to ride.

It turns out, there aren't many (any?) mountain bike trails around the cities of Seaside/Astoria. At least, none that show up on MTB forums, or are known by my team, or that the usual trail web sites know of. I have done a trail at fort Stevens years ago, but didn't feel like driving.

So off to the logging roads I went.

The hills just east of Gearhart and Seaside are privately owned and are heavily logged. I noticed them last year when I did some road riding in the valley over the hills.

I donned my Lycra and headed into the mist.

As I reached the main logging road I noticed the gate was open and some guy was working on it. I stopped to ask if it was ok for me to ride on these roads.

He looked up and I could see he was a bit older, was missing quite a few teeth, and given the company name on the side of his truck (Seaside) he was from around here.

I don't know exactly what preconceptions I had of him, but I was a little surprised when he said I had a nice bike and that he was real happy with his 29er. He continued with talking about how well it rolls over bumps his 26" Cannondale had trouble with, and that it's got to do with the lower angle of attack that the bigger wheel presents to obstacles.

It's at thus point I realize I'd totally judged him wrong. Bad Trey.

We walked over to the sign to see what it says about bikes, and it looks like I've got free reign until sunset.

All inspired that I'd met a fellow biker who lived locally - I asked him where he rides. He mostly road rides, and commutes with the bike. He even has slicks on the 29er.

He then continues by saying he sometimes goes into the skate park on the bike. Sometimes he gets drunk before the skate park, and it's pretty sketchy biking in the park in the dark, drunk.

There's my prejudices coming back.

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