Monday, July 17, 2006

Fence Update

So, as expected, the fence didn't get put up in the two weekends we'd "projected."

I took Saturday off and hung with Mary and Simone - a very lovely day of rest. Sunday rolled around, and I started working around 10:30 (went to church and then ate something). Mom and dad came down to help - which meant Dad helped and mom got to see Simone (which, of course, was very helpful, but didn't get the fence up any faster).

Dad and I got a pretty good system down and put up 5 sections of fence before lunch (2:30 or so), and after lunch we put up the rails on the south section. I've no idea why putting up rails takes so long, but it took a definite chunk of time. The fence boards (morning work) went smoothly once we got our system down.

So, now I've just got to do 9 sections on the south side of our property, and another 6 or so between our two properties. Working an hour or two each night - we should get these done in two weeks (no weekends).

While putting up the rails for the south side (think the left side of the horizontal line of a capital T), it became abundantly clear that my property slopes down dramatically as you get to that 3-way intersection. The last fence section abutting the T intersection will be a good 8 inches (or more) higher than the last section going north (vertical line of T) and even higher than Robert's fence. Dad thought this might look odd, and Robert chimed in with something to that effect as well.

I'm still going to go with a "tall" section of fence, because no matter how you slice it, the ground slopes a lot, and I'm going to have 5-6" differences between fence sections already, and clipping the top of that last section will just shift the dramatic change more into my yard. Especially since we're going to level out the yard in that section anyway - which means raising the level of ground. So any shortening of fence would just result in us effectively having a shorter fence.

So, some dinner tonight, and back to the fence.

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