Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Transition Complete

We made the switch, it is complete.

You see, we started Simone on disposable diapers because the cloth ones we had were way too big. Then we got the smaller cloth diapers, and they soaked through instantly... Then we were somewhat hooked on disposable, because they are so easy. And, the number of options for cloth diapers is daunting. Mary had done a bunch of reading (I'd done some), and she'd chosen two sets - one was the whisper-wrap and the bumGenius.

Mary knows a lady who has her own business selling cloth diapers and accessories. She had a bunch of the smallest sizes of different options and lent them to us - which was very useful. We were able to try out different covers and pocket diapers and see which ones worked and didn't. Mary's research was confirmed, the whisper wrap and bumGenius are both good choices and worked well.

After using all the choices for a few weeks, we figured out that we wanted to go whole-hog with the bumGenius. They are just so easy to use, work very well, they grow with the child (yes, they fit her now, and are big enough to fit her when she's 1.5 years old), and are a very cost-effective choice (they'll pay for themselves in 3 months of diaper service or disposables).

It's pretty exciting.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that there are still such things as diaper services. I suppose if they still do exist, they would exist there in Corvallis. There aren't any here in San Diego. There was an article a couple (maybe a few) years ago when the last one closed up shop.