Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Poor-man's Lynchburg Lemonade

I'm a huge fan of the Lynchburg lemonade. It used to be that the bar at Touche made a mean Lynchburg, but I've not been there in quite a while. A good one is made from a muddled orange and lemon chunks, some sugar, Gran Marinier, Jack Daniel's, and some soda water.

Mary used to work at a restaurant, and they served lemonade with a touch of orange juice. So now when I make lemonade (just plain Safeway brand, the organic stuff tastes different, and costs 10X as much) I squeeze an orange in. yum.

Just take a glass of that and add a shot or two of whiskey, and voila!

Make sure you warn your wife so she doesn't accidentally steal a swig of something she thought was plain lemonade.

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