Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chickens In The Coop!

So many things to give an update about. But the chickens are in the coop.

I can't believe it's been nearly three months since the last update. Progress was slow and spurty - I get stuff done, but not very quickly. That also happens to be my stock answer when I (occasionally) get asked if I ever want to be a chef.

Wow, looking back, the last time I posted there wasn't even a floor on the coop. So that's the next thing I did.

The coop floor. Note it's one piece of plywood, cut out around the vertical supports.

Simone is checking out the detail put into the linoleum floor, one piece - no seams.

Here you can see the nest box, and some of the diagonal bracing (helped with rigidity).

Simone striking a pose, amidst the roof bracing.

Simone doing some chin-ups.

Simone peeking through the egg door, she's not sure she'll fit through.

Mom and dad came down to help one day - we did the hanging screen door on the east side.

Hanging out of the feed door.

The egg door, not quite hanging flush.

Side door into the coop.

Houston, we have roof.

The only piece of the coop that is recycled - an apple branch for the roost. Also notice the aluminum threshold (for easy cleaning - covering all the seams.

The other end of the roost.

Simone thinks the storage would make a great play house.

"Let me out!" The chickens are outgrowing their temporary housing.

Dolly says, egg door works fine for me.

This way Dad!

Screen door is on.

Fine attention to detail - a bead of caulk to help when we wash out the coop with a hose.

Caulked seams and threshold.

The whole package. The whole east side is mesh for ventilation.

Simone thinks the latch isn't quite right.

Much better now that she's tightened it up.

All west doors are in place.

Singles are on, only one real aesthetic mistake - can you spot it? Also notice the ventilation gap just under the eaves.

A better view of the ventilation gap, and the flashing on the roof.

The northern doors are on, the egg door and the main utility door are hung and latched.

Mary seals the inside of the coop.

I think she's considering moving in.

The storage area gets a coat of primer.

The coop in it's final resting place, all painted.

Why not yet another picture?

I'm not sure what Simone is doing, but it involves the drill.

Rays from the sun, the coop is done. The chicken door is on, and the ramp is attached.

Of course, it turns out the chickens don't like walking down the screen. They can walk up it just fine because their three toes clamp on very easily. However, going down, they're very uneasy having just one toe(?) keeping them from sliding down the ramp. I will add more cross pieces and move the screen to the bottom (to keep them from falling through).

The chickens check out their new home.

As usual, they just peck at everything.

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