Monday, July 28, 2008

Media Matters - The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America is a Myth

A very enlightening study. Media Matters - The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America is a Myth:
"Americans are progressive across a wide range of controversial issues, and they're growing more progressive all the time."
and it concludes:

As all the data presented in this report make clear, whatever Americans choose to call themselves, on issue after issue -- economic, social, security, and more -- majorities of the public find themselves on the progressive side. And on many of the most contentious "culture war" issues, the public has been growing more progressive year after year. Much of the news media seems not to have noticed. But the facts are too clear to ignore.

In a similar vein, this post gripes about how bad Democrats are at politics. It rings so true. The poor state of Democrat PR has become a running "joke" between some friends of mine. The democrats are atrocious at promoting their agenda - it's like watching the Generals play the Harlem Globetrotters.

Being the FAIR-y I am, I'd like to blame it on the corporate media (which the first study does seem to support), but a big chunk of the blame has to lie with the Democrats, who are a horrible "alternative" to Republicans. The Democrats appear to be just as corporate and out of touch with the population as the Republicans. Congress' approval ratings are somehow worse than Bush's, and it's not because they're not Bush-like enough, it's because they're not doing what people want.

In a time where Bush's approval ratings are incredibly low, and McCain is (for all intents and purposes) an extension of Bush's failed policies, you'd think the Obama would be a shoo-in, but recent polls (as of this writing) have Obama ahead by only 5-9%.

So much for wanting a change.

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