Friday, October 10, 2008

East Coast Trip 2008

Mary, Simone and I traveled back east to show them my own stomping grounds and the fall colors. Plus we spent a couple days in Maine visiting Mary's cousins (from her dad's side). We had a great time, the weather was good (only one day w/rain), the food was good, and Simone traveled really well.

We walked around Cornell - campus hadn't changed very much - though the U-Halls were gone (my freshman dorm) and had been replaced with some slightly larger buildings. We ate hot-truck, lunch at Moosewood, college town bagels, and (surprisingly still around) Aladdin's.

It was also nice to meet Mary's extended family - unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them.

One surprise was that we found out Simone's namesake (Mary's great-aunt) spelled her name with two "N"s: Simonne.

Check out the photo album:

East Coast 2008

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