Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Long Will President Obama Last?

People have been noticing McCain's supporters are out of control. McCainiacs think Obama is an Arab, a terrorist, Muslim, and much worse.

The lady who told McCain that Obama was an Arab still thought Obama was an Arab after McCain took the microphone away from her and said Obama was not an Arab.

It turns out there's a study on this: The Power of Political Misinformation: "Bullock and others have also shown that some refutations can strengthen misinformation, especially among conservatives."

So, we've got McCain (and Palin) doing all they can to play up doubts about Obama's patriotism/trust/heritage, so much that their supporters believe these falsehoods and actually boo McCain when he tries to correct the falsehood. And, conservatives are much more likely to believe in something false after the falsehood has been revealed.

How angry are these people going to be when McCain loses? To an Arab/Muslim/Terrorist? Oh, throw in the fact he's black. They're gonna be pissed! They're gonna go postal. And, trying to talk them down will only further convince them they're right!

Obama's days are numbered if he is elected as president.

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