Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shroom Class

On Sunday I did the field trip portion of my mushroom class. The instructor (again) made a comment about how he didn't sign up to teach the 30+ people, the class was supposed to be limited to 20. I agree that the class was too large to get good exposure to the instructor - hopefully the parks and rec will enforce the class limits they set up next time.

That being said, I had a good time. The class split into two groups that each headed down different roads on Mary' s Peak. I joined the smaller group, which had the two "assistants" leading it. We all had a great time looking for mushrooms and sharing our findings with each other. I had the typical knack to find LBMs (little brown mushrooms) and initially had trouble finding anything but the LBMs. But I did end up finding two Chanterelles on my own, as well as a couple of Lobster mushrooms. Unfortunately, Lobster mushrooms are very popular with a number of insects so you have to find them before the insects.

I plan on going out to look for mushrooms in the future - it was a hoot.

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Caine Mutiny said...

I stumbled onto your blog by pressing next blog. I idly looked at your profile, and came upon Mentor Graphics. The company that I worked for in the late 1980's was an early adopter of Mentor's CAE tools. Mentor offered me a job. At the time they were located on Zanker Road, in San Jose.

Good luck with the shrooms. Do you smoke em?