Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Living Rivers

I've had a running debate with a guy at work over whether or not dams are a realistic source of power for the country. I think they're not.

But it made me think of the Glen Canyon Dam. There used to be an ice cream shop in Moab that sent its profits to help get rid of the dam. I think it was the Living Rivers folks. They've got a web page full of good info. One particular article is a little alarming - that Lake Powell is going to go dry in 2007. I think that's a bit early (just next year? - it's currently at 40-50% of capacity), but still, the trend is not good. Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign

Considering how beautiful Arches/Moab/Zion/Brice Canyon are, you know that there are many awesome canyons that are currently inundated. It'd be neat to see them again.

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