Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mmmm... strawberries

I picked a quart of strawberries this morning from our patch in the back yard. I do like fresh berries on my granola (home made of course, Mary makes some grubbin granola).

It got me to thinking, what is my favorite fruit?

I realized, that's kind of a dumb question. Sure, you can have a favorite, but would you have an over/under-ripe one of your favorite, or a perfectly ripe strawberry/peach/nectarine? Probably the ripe fruit.

I think that a perfectly ripe fruit of whatever kind trumps all other fruits. These strawberries are good, really good, but, in a month when I can get local peaches, the peaches will taste better than any strawberry I'll be able to find.

Granted, there are some fruits I just don't care much for - or am indifferent to. But, chances are, I've not had one at its peak of ripeness.

Which lead me to another thought. I think we don't directly taste most of the fruit we eat. Instead, when we eat a fruit of a particular type, it reminds us of the select few we've had that were awesome. When I eat a nectarine now, it tastes good, real good, but I think I'm half-remembering the really good ones I had when they were in season.

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