Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Power to the Baby

I've been pestered for more pictures of Simone. These are from my camera, so the quality isn't real good.

This first one was taken hastily, so you can't see her face. She's got her head turned to the side, but her eyes are on me, and the expression on her face is, "Why? Why's it gotta be like this?" Unfortunately, this is my only picture of this expression and she's not making it very often any longer. How fast they grow up....
Mary and Simone taking a nap.

Simone in a cute outfit:

Simone, looking like she's auditioning for the next Rocky movie:

Simone is tired, time for bed:
Here's a good example of Simone's "Power to the Baby" stance - with one arm raised high in salutation:

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