Saturday, May 01, 2010

April Days

Mary got me a new camera for my birthday (because my old one died at Thanksgiving...).

And, we picked up a swing set from a friend whose kids outgrew it. Yay! While setting it up, Simone said, "Today is a great day!" - She was so excited.

This spring we're putting in raised beds in the back. Due to standard, Oregon, weather, and a plethora of activities (today's was a nap), it's taking longer than we figured. Not only are we adding beds (which are all in place), but also putting in water spigots to each of the beds. Half of the trench is dug, I've got about 25 feet left.

We have planted two of the beds. The one on the right has lots of peas, lettuce, spinach, cabbage and probably some other goodies. The bed to the left of that is full of .... asparagus! 40 plants (hoping they all survive). Most are sprouting little stalks.

And here Simone is being a frisky kitty. You can see the remnants of the dirt/compost pile in the back, which we're using to fill the beds. Once the beds are full and the pipe is laid, we'll put down a bunch (15 yards or so) of wood chips. Many many wheel barrow loads ahead of us.

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