Saturday, May 01, 2010

Simone Update

Simone was doing "crazy eyes" the other night while taking a bath. Of course the cutest picture had no crazy eyes... We did have fun taking a bunch of blurry pictures though.

And here she is taking a nap - one of her few. She hasn't taken naps for nearly two years now. I don't know where she gets the energy - Mary and I both like taking naps.

The other updates... Simone is learning how to tell "knock knock..." jokes. Mary says all the kids are now telling them at school. They sit around saying "knock knock, who's there? fork! ha ha ha ha!" - they never get to the punch line. It's hilarious.

We did have a dry spell of no kissing with Simone, and luckily that's over. What seemed to help break the levy were some Richard Scarry books (a childhood favorite of mine) where two pigs were kissing. So we had "piggy kisses" where you touch noses and kiss with your lips. Now we're getting regular kisses, blown kisses, and butterfly kisses. I'm working on fish-lips kisses, so far I can't keep a straight face long enough to get a kiss.

Simone loves to send people cards - we've sent a bunch. Sometimes it's simply a decorated (empty) envelope, sometimes the envelope had a scribbled drawing or a colored picture, and sometimes there's an actual card inside the envelope. And stickers are often involved.

At Little Gym they stamp your hands/feet at the end, which used to be huge for Simone, but she seems to have grown out of it. We went to kid yoga this morning, and Simone didn't want a stamp. Perhaps they'll come back in the future...

"Why?" is starting to make its appearance as a common response, though the most common is still, "What did X say?" where X can be Hazel (the dog), a person, breakfast, the bowl, or the generic "they".

Pink is still huge. She mostly chooses pink clothes, dresses and skirts are big. For a while she didn't like tights, but those are in as well. It's fun to see what patterns she'll put together. I really should get some photos of them.

Mary and Simone went on a bike ride (Mary walked, Simone rode) the other day. It sounds like Simone is getting quite good - she took off down the road (up hill even) building up a head of steam. Mary was walking Hazel and couldn't help as Simone teetered off the edge and crashed. After a couple of minutes she hopped back on the bike and kept on riding. You go girl!

Simone turns four in 25 days, which is pretty amazing. So many changes, I want to get back into recording them on the blog because my memory isn't nearly as good as Simone's, and I want to remember this stuff.

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Lauren said...

Ok Simone is the cutest little girl! How is she almost four already?! (I guess my kids are almost six which is crazy.) I love all the pictures and hearing all about her. It is fun to document the stages, because you are right, we'll never remember all the details. We have the same knock-knock jokes here with tons of laughter.