Saturday, October 09, 2010

An Artist

A while back, someone gave us the idea of scanning Simone's art as a way of preserving it. I thought it was great, and finally got around to rounding them up. These are from this year.

This first is a rainbow girl. Rainbows were a hit for a while, I think it was her way to start using many colors at the same time:

A popular story was/is the three little pigs. Our version ends with the wolf climbing down the chimney into the pot of water on the fire and enjoys a soak in the hot tub.

I believe this one is a drawing of Mary, done at the beach over Labor Day:

Oh, and stickers are hugely popular. She's been incorporating them into her drawings:

Or, perhaps this is the drawing of Mary. The likeness is uncanny:

And Mary's current favorite, a drawing of a fairy, with wings and a crown and notice the musical notes. That's actually a song that goes along with the fairy. And, at one point, the little green dot was a belly button.

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