Friday, October 08, 2010

A Busy September

Where to begin?

Simone began the month with a row boat. That was a reoccurring theme for the month. The tricky part was when she wanted to row with me in the boat.

We then went to the beach for labor day.

There were sand castles to be made,

walks to the river to go fishing,

and thoughtful strolls:

Afterwords, Simone and Nana made pig-shaped cookies with the new cookie cutter:

Then we read Skippy Jon Jones (the case of the burrito bandito), which turned out to be funnier on the second read. Simone has been big into masks, so she dressed up as Skippy Jon Jones:

Then we had to return home, to normalcy - pancakes with faces:

To remember September 11th, I took a photo of our beautiful daughter:

Then, Simone and I headed to Opal Creek to hang with Grandpa, Nana, uncle Sam, (soon ot be auntie) Ingrid, and Sarah. We began the trip with the 3 mile hike in. Simone wanted her backpack on (it's a cow):

We walked in with Grandpa and Nana. Well I rode my bike towing the Burley:

The next day we went for a hike - Simone walked a good 2+ miles. We had a great time.

She pretended to be a mushroom that was growing from a seed. First a seed:

And then growing up to be a big mushroom:

Simone took several pictures, some turned out pretty well:

We ran into Nana and Grandpa on the hike and walked back together.

(a couple more photos of the hike are available here). I really liked Simone's quizzical look here (still at Opal Creek):

The next week was more excitement. Sam and Ingrid's wedding. First the rehearsal dinner at Kennedy.

These two are the ones getting hitched:

This was just too cute:

The next day was the big day (many photos from Nansie Jubitz here). The reason we were at the rehearsal dinner was because Simone was the flower girl. And this first picture tells it all. Simone was bubbling with excitement:

And Simone in action:

Simone danced the night away, nearly adopting Ingrid as her favorite person.

The next day we woke up, had breakfast at the B&B with Ron, Angel, Moo (Jason), Alex, Susa and their girl. We then took a trip to Lost Lake:

Simone went fishing in the lake:

Simone also really wanted to take one of the boats out, but we were on our way to Sam and Ingrid's BBQ.

Simone and I finished the month off with a picnic at Sunset Park, at sunset:

Whew!!!! Busy times, much fun.

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