Thursday, October 07, 2010

5 Movie Reviews in 5 Minutes

Am on a bit of a movie spree lately.

500 Days of Summer - quirky, well done, nice job of a non-romantic comedy. You knew what was coming, but it was enjoyable to watch the characters get where they were going.

All About Steve - The previews led me to think this would be funny. Mary fell asleep during it and I watched through the end more out of morbid curiosity. Sandra Bullock's character was fun and interesting, but a bit too much to be believable (even with suspended disbelief). I thought the end was good - last 5 minutes.

Date Night - started out slow and boring, was a bit worried. But about 20 minutes into it the twist came and the movie turned up. Mark Wahlberg was fun, and all the movie held together pretty well until the last 15 minutes - which was a bit over the top. I did think there was a scene where Tina Fey totally looked like Parker Posie.

The Hurt Locker - bravo. Very suspenseful, I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie. I don't know what the take-home message was, but I enjoyed watching it.

Awesome, I Fcsking Shot That - a Beastie Boys concert video - with much of the footage taken from 50 video cameras handed out into the crowd. First, thumbs down for their green track suits. The concert was pretty decent, and I like the idea - but the footage from most of the cameras wasn't very interesting. Still, their show wasn't as entertaining as Stop Making Sense, so the fan footage was a way to make it somewhat watchable. Not recommended for epileptics.

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