Saturday, October 09, 2010

September 11th

I know, it's not even September, it's almost October 11th, a month past the 9 year anniversary.

What do you remember from the coverage?

There was lots of remembrances for the firemen, the people who died in the building and the planes, lots of pity and remorse directed at ourselves. And I do morn the loss of those people.

But I found myself thinking about how September 11th happened: why the hijackers did what they did, how U.S. foreign policy was then versus now, have we done anything concrete to make ourselves safer, how have views toward religion changed because of what happened on that day (and the time since then), etc.

But there was none that I heard.

It seems that we (as a country) have just become more divided, more partisan, more disenchanted. We're no safer, we've spent tons of money in two different wars and bailing out financial institutions, incompetence and corruption continue to spread through our political system (both parties, one just has better PR).

That is what I'm sad about.

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