Thursday, August 02, 2018

Keto, day 4

I've got to come up with better names for these posts.

Blood sugar level was 94 this morning.

I took an impromptu nap for a couple minutes yesterday.  That happens to me not infrequently.  I'd been chalking it up to post-lunch blood sugar crash, and I'm hoping that it stops during this experiment.  We will see.

My sleep is OK, the Fitbit tells me I sleep about 7h15m per night, with an additional hour every night of being awake.  The two days I commute to Wilsonville skews this low because I generally get only 6 hours those nights (with another hour of being awake).  Sleep is important, but it's a bit difficult to use 9 hours (8 sleeping, 1 intermittent awake) of the day on it.

Product review: Sweetwood Smokeouse Fatty original smoked meat stick.  This one has plenty of fat, it's got the texture of a hot-dog.  I prefer to have something with the "lumpier" texture of a good salami, as opposed to the homogenized structure found in a hot-dog, but for what it is, I much prefer this to the "ground jerky" texture found in other meat sticks.  The stick is nitrate free, but isn't necessarily from humanely raised pigs (meaning, it's likely CAFE meat) - so I may be healthier because of no nitrates, but the environment is dying.  Other than the texture, it's a little salty, which might be great for a snack in the middle of a hike/bike ride, but is overpowering as I sit here in my office.  But I'd happily buy it again.

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