Monday, August 06, 2018

Now I'm one week in.

Ok, yesterday's update was a bit premature.  I was beginning the 7th day yesterday, and today I've got a full week under my belt.

Blood sugar: 90, weight 249.

I haven't seen that side of the scale since last October, and that lasted all of 4 weeks.

My weight one week ago was 252, so it's been 3 pounds since I started eating keto, but I'd also lost another 4 pounds during the 3-week ramp up to this.  In those weeks I was not eating any grains or sweeteners, but I was gorging myself on fresh fruit - mostly blueberries and cherries as they were at peak ripeness.  We're talking pounds at a time.

I don't necessarily want to lose 3 pounds a week - that seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  If I let myself get too hungry I imagine I'll be prone to binging on food (carbs or not), and that's a cycle I'd like to break.  Still, just one week in - it's silly to predict long-term trends on just one week.

The primary objective, again, of this exercise is to hopefully reset my body so that it less resistant to insulin.  But, excess weight is tied to insulin insensitivity.  Is it causative?  That is the million dollar question.  This page does a nice job of presenting theories that folks have around weight and type-2 diabetes.  It sounds like the answer isn't really known, but if you can reduce both your blood sugar levels and your weight, then you're setting yourself up to win either way.

Now, I'm measuring my fasting blood sugar level - which is really an indirect way of measuring how my body is responding to insulin.  It could be that by not eating carbs, there are just fewer sugars in my bloodstream.

That's one thing I don't understand - I'm eating relatively few carbs each day (~50gram), which is relatively very little.  It looks like I used to eat between 250g and 400g on a "normal" day (depending on exercise levels), yet cutting my carbs by one-fifth to one-eighth, my blood sugar dropped only about 20%.  Granted, my blood can probably only store about 10g of sugar at any point, so it should be able to easily generate that given my eating of 50g/day.

There's much to learn.  I definitely get a lot of great information from Mary, but I try not to be wholly reliant on her.  Plus, she doesn't regularly deal with diabetic patients.  That said, I've never found good information on any health subject that she's been wrong about.  And every time I try to brush off one of her ideas as just being over reactive, she turns out to be 100% correct - the most obvious case was my gall stone that she correctly diagnosed and I later had to have surgically removed.  I wanted to blame it on a bad case of gas...

Long story even longer, I'm not doing this keto-diet because of Mary, I'm doing it for myself - in order that I can be around (and healthy) to be with Mary and Simone for a long time to come.  But, it definitely was an idea that Mary planted in my head.

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