Wednesday, August 08, 2018


I slept hard last night, it was a challenge to get up this morning.  Couple that with yesterday's riding fatigue, I'm wondering if I'm not getting enough calories. 

This week's meal plan fell a bit short of 2000 calories each day, which is substantially lower than I generally get.  I've tried to add snacks to compensate, and I haven't felt super hungry...

Way back in my youth, I hiked the Muir Trail.  I spent 30 days in the Sierras and hiked over 220 miles.  Every night I slept about 11 hours, going to bed when it was dark (around 9), and waking up around 8.  About two thirds the way through my hike I got really tired and took one of my rest days early - choosing to do so because I fell asleep sitting on the side of the trail.

After the trip I found that I'd lost 30 pounds - a pound a day.  No wonder I was tired, I was operating at a huge calorie deficit.

I don't think I'm at that point, but I think I might be under eating.

Blood sugar: 84.

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