Sunday, August 12, 2018


Mary reports that my scoring had improved already, and I'm only down 10 pounds.

Blood sugar this morning: 89

Predict review: Vermont Smoke and Cure, uncured bacon pork stick.  The texture was about perfect, and the seasoning was a nice level.  BUT... If you label something as"bacon", it had better taste of bacon.  It did not.  This is a hard pass.

Product review: Epic Meats Salt and Pepper Pork Rinds.  Well, now I've had pork rinds.  I was looking for something to munch on while driving home, and the gas station had nothing but a bunch of stuff filled/coated/glazed with sugar.  Enter pork rinds!  Nothing but fat and protein goodness.  I must say, the crunch was delightful.  The rinds were very delicate, had a wonderful salt and pepper flavor, and very satisfactory crunch.  But then, you're left with the after-texture (Simone coined that term for me).  When you eat a crunchy cheeto, it also has a lovely crunch, and it dissolves into a fine-grained powder - that if you eat too many at once might turn into a little bit of paste that sticks to your tongue.  But even that paste will easily dissolve in your saliva.  However, the "paste" that you are left with after after eating a single pork rind is a not-so-fine-grained "paste" that is apparently a bunch of fat cells.  They do not dissolve easily in your saliva, and instead kind of hang around until you drink something  Rating: first two thirds of eating a rind is awesome, the last third is terribly disappointing.  Will not be buying again - unless I have a pitcher of gin and tonics handy.

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