Friday, August 03, 2018

Keto, day 5

Blood sugar: 95

I'm going on a long bike ride at Waldo Lake tomorrow with some friends, so we'll see how this keto diet plays out. I did this 3 years ago, and spent almost 3 hours riding (out of 4 hours total).  Looking at the planned route, it's going to be longer tomorrow because we'll include Twins Trail which adds another 1200' elevation gain and a few more miles (5?). I've got some meat, cheese, and nuts for the ride, and I'm planning on bringing some food for after the ride.  I imagine we'll stop somewhere and my food choices will be limited.

I've got some CLIF BLOKs from an Xmas gift, so I'll have that with me if I feel a bonk coming on.

Product review: The New Primal spicy beef stick.  Texture - close to great, just a little dry.  Flavor was awesome - perhaps even a bit too peppery, and the saltiness was on target.  It's made from grass-fed/finished pasture-raised beef, so better for the environment too.  I'll definitely try other flavors of this.

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