Sunday, December 02, 2012

Halloween Celebration

We were getting ready for the Halloween celebration at school tonight, and Simone was full of ideas for all of us. She painted Mary's face with cat whiskers, and she herself was dressed as a butterfly.

While pondering my situation, Simone said, "you can wear your fanciest shorts!" Simone sure knows me.

The school had the gym full of tables and two guys were playing music (which Simone danced to quite a bit). We then took tours of different rooms - each with a different story. One had a pretty pirate who was full of himself. One was a spider catching a fly (scary). One had a song about looking at the donut and not the hole. And little red riding hood met the wolf - who then went to grandmas house to find a pig - who told wolf he had horrible breath (solved with a toothbrush). Al the rooms were very imaginative, and everyone had a good time.

We'll see what treasures Simone got tomorrow morning.

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