Sunday, December 02, 2012

November Rides

I continued riding this month, about the same number of hours as the past few months - nearly 26 hours, but the distance is on a trend down.  Not quite sure why I'm biking slower, perhaps because the trails are getting a little slick from rain.

I'm still riding my single speed - I put the rigid Surly fork on front.  The fork has mounts for disc brakes, so I moved the disc brakes and the front wheel (tubeless no less) to the single speed.  And while I was at it, I moved the brake levers in so I can do one fingered braking, and put on my Ergon grips.  So now I'm about as pimped out as I can get with my bike.

Of course, the mud and rain are beginning to wear on things - luckily there are so few moving parts that there's not too much that's wearing.  I did replace the chain, and next will be the freewheel - either with a 19 tooth to make the hills a little easier, or a tricked out DOS Freewheel that has both 17 and 19 teeth.  Then I'll take apart the old freewheel and see if I can work on it and get it rolling smooth again.

I'm still taking photos when I want an excuse to take a break, or I think something looks artistic.  I got a new phone half way through the month and the camera is much better - and it includes a panorama option.  So enjoy.

Low lying clouds and sun together.


My favorite corner on Dan's in the Fog

Bottom of Lower Horse

On the way to Oak Creek

Favorite corner, no fog.

Gorgeous November Day

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

Too Steep for the Single Speed

It's been raining

Mushrooms sprouting everywhere

Leading into my favorite corner.

Pano of my favorite corner, love how the pano flattens out the 180 degree turn.

Climbing in the fog

Low clouds over Corvallis

How do you work this camera?

Looking forward to a good set of rides in December.

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