Monday, December 31, 2012

Simone Rides Again

Simone went on a ride on her two wheeled (plus training) bike. It'd been a good six months since we last tried, and at that time Simone wasn't very excited.

But this morning she was interested in riding her bike (and not just the tagalong) so we took advantage if the nice weather and headed out to the Midge Cramer path.

Long story short, she rocked the ride. She was fearless and full of energy. She made it up the hills and kept her cool going down the hills.

I've a hunch that with a few more rides and she'll be ready to ditch the training wheels. I'm not crazy about training wheels. As Simone gets going faster, the training wheels get in the way of making any real turns. At one point she got going a little fast and pointed off the trail. She slowed down but wasn't able to get turned back onto the path. She spilled in slow motion, almost landing on her feet. We were happy to see her bravely brush herself off and stand up.

We turned around at that point, not wanting to push it, plus it was starting to sprinkle. She did a great job biking back, taking her time when she felt uncertain and racing when she felt strong. At one point she wanted to ride with her eyes closed.

Definitely looking forward to our next few outings, and I can't wait until the wheels come off.

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